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Agape Grace LLC is a consulting firm specializing in the planning, development and construction of water/wastewater treatment plants.  Agape Grace LLC also offers project administration and construction management and inspections on major infrastructure projects to include highway work.


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Martha Catalina Garza

Thirty years of experience as contract administrator offers reliable, accurate and timely accountability to the administrative aspect of projects.


• Projects with the Corps of Engineers, Air Force and Texas National Guard

• Cities and counties throughout Texas

• California Office of the State Architect

• TxDOT and numerous private developers


Isidro Garza, Jr.

Texas A&M University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering


Forty years of engineering and construction experience provide invaluable managerial skills to the execution of construction and inspection projects. Mr. Garza’s expertise enhances Agape Grace’s ability to provide the highest level of performance in delivering our projects on-time and on-budget.


• Extensive experience in Chemical/Petrochemical plants in Olefins and Polyethylene Units

• Extensive experience in construction for TxDOT projects –from initial concept to the construction phase

• Project management of large survey projects

• Presently Construction Manager of $89MM Water Treatment Plant in Laredo


Timoteo Garza

Sam Houston State University, B.A. Business Administration


Twenty years of construction, CAD Design and accounting experience bring a cadre of specialties to our projects.  As former State Representative, Mr. Garza offers unique insight into dealing with Municipalities, State Agencies and Federal Agencies.


• Extensive experience in construction

• Extensive experience in estimating

• Extensive experience in CAD

• Extensive experience in Computer Technology


Richard Reyes, P.E.

University of Michigan, B.S. Civil Engineering


Mr. Reyes’s level-headed approach to problem solving has given Agape Grace an added depth of proven professionalism.


• Twenty year veteran of San Antonio Water Systems

• Extensive experience with process to include major start-ups of plants

• Extensive construction, operating, and management experience



Fausto Sotelo

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, B.S. Electromechanical Engineer


Mr. Sotelo’s twenty years of experience working for multicultural and diverse companies provides a distinctive field of expertise to our Clients.  His involvement in all steps of the process—from design, planning, inspection and “hands-on” installation offers our Clients the required continuity that brings projects to fruition.


• Extensive experience in material testing, project management, production, inspection, instrumentation,

design and electrical control

• Extensive experience in project start-ups of water plants, waste-water plants

• Extensive experience in booster stations, tube and pipe production, electrical equipment, PLC’s and Controls



Projects & Schedules

Submittal Reviews and Requests for Information on Major Construction Projects

Our team of professionals provide construction support through timely review of submittals and requests for information on major projects.  This is performed on a contract basis. This process allows the owners to have a fixed, controlled cost on this specific part of construction—particularly because it directly affects critical paths.


Proper planning translates directly to profitability. Through the use of Gantt Charts as well as Prima Vera and Microsoft Project - Agape Grace manages construction schedules, costing, human resources, materials, and lead times.



Our Mission

The Agape Grace Mission is to use the power of construction management, contract administration and construction inspection to achieve the highest possible profitability to our Client in the course of the execution of your project.


Our Philosophy

Agape Grace is intently focused on the requirements and goals of our clients. Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:



Our personnel is our strength. We employ bilingual, highly-educated and skilled individuals that provide our clientele with the utmost attention and dedication to projects at hand.  Training for our workforce is kept evergreen to stay current with new advancements in the industry. We empower each individual to make decisions with minimal administrative oversight.



Transparency is our standard -keeping our client fully informed on the entire scope of the project.  We strive for mutually beneficial long-term relationships.



We meet or exceed our goals and promises.  Our commitments are set in stone, therefore adhering to our statements is an automatic reaction.



Our foundation is to provide excellent quality service to our Client.  We use state-of-the art tools and techniques to provide deliverables.



It is often difficult to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.  Partnering with Agape Grace will catapult your organization into endless possibilities for the future!    We provide our clients with services that are cutting-edge, innovative and, most importantly, profitable to your company.

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Agape Grace LLC specializes in consulting services -- planning, development, and construction of water/wastewater treatment plants as well as

project administration and construction management and inspections on major infrastructure projects including highway work

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